Common Causes of Gas Leaks & Gas Smells

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Some of the common causes of residential natural gas leaks in NJ include:

  • Poorly fitted appliances. If your furnace or stove is poorly connected to the natural gas line, small amounts of gas can escape. Gas appliances should always be professional installed by angas-leaking-repair-in-nj accredited Gas Safe engineer.
  • Accidental damage to underground natural gas lines. The main gas line to your home is buried underground. These pipes can be damaged accidentally during sewer repair or water main repair. At Degrace Plumbing, our contractors take extreme care during sewer pipe repair in NJ to avoid damaging any nearby gas lines.

If your main gas line is leaking, the gas is escaping outdoors. Although this carries a somewhat lower risk of carbon monoxide poisoning than indoor gas leaks, it’s a huge fire and explosion hazard. Natural gas is extremely flammable, and a small spark or a cigarette lighter could cause it to ignite. Signs of a main gas pipe leak can include:

  • “Rotten egg” smells
  • Dead grass and vegetation
  • Dirt blowing from a hole in the ground
  • Bubbling when the ground is wet or flooded
  • Audible hissing sounds

If you notice any of these signs on your property, you may have a gas leak.

You can call us any time for 24-hour emergency gas pipe repair in New Jersey, including Bergen County and surrounding areas.

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