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Drain Sewer Clogged? Water Not Flowing in the Bathroom Drain, Kitchen, Main sewer line or Outdoor Drain is Blocked? There is one thing that is common will all drain and sewer problems when the water cannot flow through the pipe.

Something is stopping the water and there are only three options:  someone threw an item into the pipe, we often find a unusual items from cloth, cell phones, plastic items, diapers, rings, papers that people want to get rid of through the sewer system…

Another option for a sewer or drain pipe that is clogged is a broken old pipe that has a belly or collapsed, tree roots that are growing in the way; and the last option is debris that has built up over time from hair, oil, grease and other things that make the pipe smaller, small enough that the water cannot flow.

How to keep drain and sewer pipes problems away

Most of drain and sewer problems can be avoided simply by using your drain system to run water only, not leftover food or any hard items as long as you make sure that clear water only will flow through the pipe, 90% of the time you will have no problem with your drain and sewer pipes.

Make it a habit not to throw anything large or hard into your garbage disposal.

Although it’s made to grind up food into small pieces, over time it can build up and block the line.  Also, your garbage disposal will have a much longer life.

Pipes are made for clean and dirty water to travel NOT items

water pipe is made for clean and dirty water to travel from point to point. If you do have any problems with your sewer or drain or your garbage disposal, we are always here, ready to help 24/7, weekends and holidays.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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