Sewer Cleaning in NJ

Sewer backups and drain clogs always seem to happen at the worst possible time.  Whether you have company coming or are trying to get ready to leave town, or just trying to live your normal everyday life, a sewer backup can bring all your plans to a screeching halt.  You need fast service to get your plans back on track.

DeGrace Plumbing & Heating’s professionals are on call for your emergency sewer cleaning and drain cleaning needs.

We have decades of experience in sewer cleaning, sewer line repairs, sewer installations and jetting services.  When you call DeGrace Plumbing and sewer cleaning for emergency sewer cleaning in northern NJ, we can resolve most sewer cleaning or drain cleaning problems within an hour of arrival.

Fast Sewer Cleaning Service NJ

No matter what the cause of your sewer backup, DeGrace Plumbing & Heating has the tools to fix it fast.  We’ve been in the sewer services/cleaning & sewer repair business for decades and can quickly diagnose all your sewer problems.  In most cases involving paper, hair, grease & other clogs or root infiltration, we can have your sewer line cleared in less than one hour.

In more complicated cases we have the tools and expertise to locate and diagnose the problem.

For issues requiring repair of one or more sections of the sewer line, we’ll provide a written estimate for the repair.  In rare cases where an old orangeburg (fiber-bitumen) sewer line or ancient, rusted-out cast iron sewer line is in place, DeGrace Plumbing & Heating can recommend and install a suitable sewer replacement line.

DeGrace Plumbing & Heating is your expert for drain cleaning and sewer cleaning in northern New Jersey.  Our courteous professional plumbers will provide you with professional sewer cleaning and sewer repair service.

Sewer Cleaning in NJ – 24 Hour Service in NJ

Whether your sewer pipe is clogged, broken, or collapsed, the signs are the same:

  • Sewerage odor in your home (often in the basement near the sewer trap) or around your home.
  • Toilet bubbling often indicates a blockage in the sewer line.
  • Sewage backing up into fixtures in your home means a blockage between the fixtures and the sewer main.

The professionals from DeGrace Plumbing & Heating will assess your sewer line and determine the best method for removing the clog.  We can clear sewer lines with a traditional rotary “chopper” or with our hydro-jetting service.

The type & condition of the sewer line and the type & severity of the clog can help decide which method is the best choice for clearing your sewer line.  An obstruction which doesn’t respond to either method can indicate a bigger problem, such as a line collapse.  DeGrace Plumbing & Heating can perform a sewer camera inspection to locate and diagnose the cause of a stubborn blockage.

sewer cleaning

Causes of sewer line blockage

Expert Sewer Cleaning and Repair

No matter what the cause of your sewer backup, DeGrace Plumbing & Heating will solve your sewer cleaning and sewer repair problems.  Our 24 hour sewer cleaning and sewer repair services are just a phone call away.

 24 Hour Sewer Cleaning in Northern NJ

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