How Great Is Your Boiler or Repair Plumber

Working with different boilers for over 25 years has taught us a big lesson. A boiler can last for 50 years or more if you take care of it right.

Boilers in today’s world are 100 times better in terms of efficiency, mechanisms, electrical systems and electronic devices and are more sustainable than decades ago.boiler repair 1

But its not only the type of machine that you have, its also who and how the homeowner handles the machine.

A good plumber that specializes in boilers, can not only save you money on heating costs, but can also help maintain your boiler for many years and may save you some nights with no heat.

Our boiler services are as follows:

  • residential boiler repair and boiler replacement
  • commercial boiler repair, maintenance & replacement
  • new boiler installation
  • piping inspection and repair
  • boiler retubing and welding
  • boiler insulation
  • annual pre-winter boler maintenance & repairs
  • boiler valve repair
  • boiler switch maintenance
  • tank inspection and repair

We are certified local boiler repair company contractors with boiler maintenance as one of our highest priorities for our clients every year before the winter, so we get no surprises.  Most if not all of our client’s boilers never break down during the winter.

boiler replacement 2boiler replacement 1boiler repair 2

Boiler maintenance is relatively cheap compared to repair and replacement of boilers.

Call us today to have your name added to our maintenance list and have the peace of mind having your boiler managed by a professional plumber.

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  1. James

    Peerless Boiler installed 10/2006. Unit is working fine. The problem is in the 2 water pipes on right side are both rusted and leaking when unit is running. I feel they need to be replaced. James in Ridgewood

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