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DeGrace sewer repair & plumbing  is the expert in sewer repair in northern NJ, and ready to perform your sewer repair with 24/7 hour on call service.

Are you tired of persistent sewer line backups?  If you are experiencing backups on a regular basis, the problem may not be debris buildup or tree roots.  You may have a sag or “belly” in the sewer line, or a separation, collapse or crack in one or more areas.

Expert Sewer Repair Company Contractors in NJ 

DeGrace Plumbing & sewer contractor company will perform a sewer camera inspection on your sewer line to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the problem and determine the best solution.  In some cases a hydro jetting service may be all that is needed.  Here are some of the conditions the camera inspection can reveal that can’t be solved with a sewer cleaning; a sewer repair is required:

  • A pipe belly is the result of pressure from above, usually tree roots, forcing a dip in the line.
sewer repair in nj

A pipe belly is a dip in the line’s negative slope where flow gets trapped

  • Pipe misalignment increases moisture in the soil, attracting tree roots which infiltrate and destroy the pipe.
Horizontal or vertical pipe misalignment leads to line collapse

Horizontal or vertical pipe misalignment leads to line collapse

  • Tree roots on their own can work their way into a properly aligned pipe and destroy it.
sewer repair in nj

Over time, tree roots alone can destroy a section of your sewer line

Each of these conditions can lead to a collapsed sewer lead to sewer repairs or replacements

Collapsed main sewer line Repair in NJ

If your sewer line is partially collapsed you may have noticed slower draining.  A small amount of water may be able to pass through now but over time drainage will become more sluggish, until no water can pass at all. A collapse can be caused by any of the conditions above or from deterioration of the line over time. A partially collapsed line eventually leads to a fully collapsed line.

A fully collapsed line can’t be mistaken. Your drains become clogged quickly and often back up. Waste water escaping through the collapsed part of the line leaks into your yard, creating a smelly and unhealthy mess.

When the problem is isolated to one small section of the line, a limited sewer repair can be done to just that section, if the rest of the line is in good condition.  Repair targeted to a single area can be accomplished more quickly and at a lower cost.

Sewer Replacement in NJ

If the entire line is in poor condition, DeGrace Plumbing & Heating can perform a complete sewer repair using the methods and materials most appropriate for your home.

Our sewer plumbing professionals will show you the results of the sewer camera inspection, explain the problem, and give you expert advice on the best solution.  Whether you need a small sewer repair or a complete sewer line replacement, our licensed professionals will provide expert, fast and friendly service to get the job done right.

Trenchless sewer repair NJ – Trenchless contractors company NJ

Trenchless is the no digging option for sewer repair or sewer replacement

Sewer Repair Service NJ: Emergency 24-7 hour sewer service in NJ

No matter what the cause of your sewer backup, DeGrace sewer line repair and pipe plumbing repair or replacement will solve your sewer cleaning and sewer repair problems.  Our 24 hour sewer cleaning and sewer repair services are just a phone call away.

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