Tankless Water Heater Repair in NJ: Common Problems & Solutions

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Tankless water heaters are an energy-efficient solution for on-demand hot water. Tankless models eliminate the need for a storage tank, saving a considerable amount of space for homeowners with limited square footage. They also eliminate the problem of running out of hot water, guaranteeing that your shower won’t suddenly run cold.

Like traditional water heaters with a storage tank, tankless water heaters can develop problems that stop them from working correctly. They also have a finite service life, although they last longer than other types of water heaters.

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Common Problems with Tankless Water Heaters

Like any appliance, your tankless water heater can occasionally stop providing a reliable supply of hot water. It may fail to turn on, fail to heat the water at all, or produce water that’s merely lukewarm.

Here are some of the most common problems that homeowners run into with tankless models. An experienced plumber will be able to accurately diagnose the exact cause of your problem, and perform the right water heater repairs to fix it.

No Hot Water

This is a common problem that leads to homeowners calling a local plumbing company for water heater repair service. The first things that we’ll check are the water supply and the power supply (either electric or natural gas). It’s also possible that the shut-off valve has moved into the closed position.

We’ll also check the burner, which is a water heater part that often fails after a few years and needs to be replaced. During the winter, the problem could also be a frozen water pipe.

The Water Is Too Hot

Hot water should be hot, but not scalding. If the temperature is way too high, it’s possible that its thermostat is simply on the wrong setting. We recommend that homeowners check the setting before calling a plumber for water heater repairs. If it’s on the right setting, the temperature sensor could be broken, causing the water to get too hot.

Obstructions in the water filter or plumbing can also cause the water to overheat, as can scale buildup.

The Water is Lukewarm

The obvious cause would be that the temperature setting is too low. We generally recommend a temperature of around 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit. There could also be a plumbing crossover that’s causing cold water to mix in with the hot water, or the water filter could be clogged.

Sediment and scale inside the heat exchanger can also impair your tankless water heater’s ability to get the water to the right temperature. Improperly sized gas lines or low gas pressure can also cause insufficient heating in tankless gas water heaters.

The Burner Won’t Ignite

This could result from problems with the gas type, gas pressure, or gas line connection in a gas-powered tankless water heater. Sometimes, the flow sensor can also malfunction, creating a flow rate below the recommended minimum that fails to ignite the burner.

The Water Heater is Too Noisy

Debris in the fan can raise the noise level, as can irregular gas combustion caused by a leak in the sealed combustion. Improper venting can also make the burner flames unstable.

Low Water Pressure

If low water pressure isn’t the result of a problem with the nearby city water mains, it could be caused by too many appliances running at once, by obstructions in plumbing or fixtures, or by insufficient gas pressure in the water heater.

Temperature Fluctuations

Does your water run cold briefly, then return to normal? It could be a problem with the size of the gas line, a damaged flow sensor, a clogged water filter, or accidental plumbing crossover between cold water pipes and hot water pipes.

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