If You Smell Gas, You Need Gas Line Repair in NJ

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Natural gas is useful, cost-efficient solution for powering your furnace, boiler, stove, and other household appliances. But with natural gas comes a risk: the compounds contained in the gas are highly toxic, and a gas leak can quickly become deadly. Natural gas leaks are relatively rare, but extraordinarily dangerous. At the first sign of gas, you need to call a contractor immediately for gas line repair in NJ.

Natural gas is mostly odorless, but to protect consumers and gas line workers, small amounts of foul-smelling chemicals are added. The most common of these is called tert-Butylthiol, an organosulfur compound with a sulfurous “rotten egg” smell that’s very disagreeable and highly noticeable. If you smell it in your home, it means you may have a dangerous gas leak.

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What To Do If You Smell Gas

Natural gas smells like rotten eggs. The additive that gives it this odor, tert-Butylthiol, is so smelly that it has to be handled carefully in a laboratory. It’s added to natural gas to make sure that homeowners are immediately aware of a gas leak.

The first sign is usually the distinctive rotten egg smell. You may have smelled it before, and its presence in your home is an immediate sign that something is wrong. The main gas line to your home, along with the smaller natural gas pipes that lead to appliances like heaters and stoves, can develop a leak that releases the volatile, toxic gas.

Gas leaks are a serious emergency, period. Natural gas leaks are a leading cause of accidental carbon monoxide deaths– in fact, if you use gas appliances, you should have a CO detector installed in your home.

Part of why natural gas is such a useful fuel source is because it’s flammable and volatile. Gas leaks can cause a devastating explosion, but they’re also likely to lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. CO is dangerous in concentrations as low as 100 parts per million.

Signs of mild acute carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas leak can headaches and dizziness. At higher concentrations, convulsions, nausea, and respiratory arrest can occur. There’s also a risk of chronic long-term exposure, and there have been cases of people reporting neurological issues like amnesia and psychosis which were traced to a carbon monoxide leak.

If you smell gas in your home from a gas line leak, you should immediately turn off the main gas line and call a local plumbing repair company in NJ for emergency gas pipe repair.

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